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Welcome to the FFSaffic community! This is a place to post all your Final Fantasy related fanfic, fanart, essays, etc. -- as long as they contain some form of saffic/femmeslash/shoujo-ai/yuri.
All pairings from any of the games (this includes spin-offs such as Ehrgeiz, Kingdom Hearts, Before Crisis and so on) are welcome, and posting and feedback are always appreciated.


Play nice and things should be a picnic for everybody. The only rules we ask you to abide by are the following:

1) Absolutely no trolling/flaming, under any circumstances. This should be obvious to anyone with half a brain by now. Constructive criticism helps everybody, but flames help no one. If you really don't like the idea of shoujo-ai/yuri, there are plenty of other communities on Livejournal.
2) Try to stay at least vaguely on topic. Introduction posts are fine, especially if you come bearing fic/art, and pimping other communities is okay as long as they're related to this community in some way.
3) Any required warnings should be specified on anything posted (violence, sex, etc.); and, for that matter, anything longer than 200 words or containing pictures should be behind a cut.
4) The same applies to anything rated over PG-13, just in case.
5) All genres of fic are allowed here: oneshots, multi-chapters, AUs, whatever your little hearts desire. :D
6) Although Dirge of Cerberus is out in Japan now, there are still people who haven't seen it and won't until the U.S./European/Australian/etc. releases. So please label any spoilers for Dirge of Cerberus. This shouldn't be too big a problem because of the nature of this community, but please stick to it.

Using the following heading for fanfiction posts would be excellent, though it's not strictly required.

Word count:

If you're also interested in yuri in other fandoms, we recommend yuri and yuri_challenge.

Aside from all that, have fun and everybody will be happy. Enjoy your stay, and enjoy the yuri! ♥

Your moderators are sugartits and girlchild.


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